Burchills traces its roots back to 1990 and a small group of lawyers advising a few pioneering post-Soviet entrepreneurs with interests in banking, natural resources and retail.

While Russia boomed in the mid-1990s the firm developed a strong reputation in resource finance and other secured lending work, representing many of the major Russian energy companies borrowing from Western banks and raising funds on international markets. A formal relationship was also established with Frere Cholmeley Bischoff, then one of the leading law firms in the City of London – the first such alliance between a major international law office and a Russian practice, and a mark of our standing both locally and abroad.

A number of bright young lawyers joined the team during this period. This strong skills base, alloyed to a stable core of clients with a long-term commitment to the Russian market, enabled us to consolidate our position even in the rough economic seas of the end of the last century.

Over the next few years our advice was sought by companies in various sectors enjoying rapid growth as the Russian economy became vibrant again, and our M&A group acted on the structuring and negotiation of some of the deals which were shaping the corporate landscape. We also continued to be identified for our singular culture, cultivated since the earliest days: informal and open within the firm; accessible and down-to-earth in our dealings with clients.

Reflecting the broadening of our practice and development of the team (those bright young lawyers having now become experienced professionals), the current partnership was established in 2005 under the Burchills name.